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Zwick Servo-Hydraulic Workshop

Zwick Servo-Hydraulic Workshop

We were delighted to welcome over 70 delegates to our Workshop which was hosted by Star Hydraulics Ltd in Tewkesbury.

The event focused on some of the challenges relating to the use of servo-hydraulics for materials and component testing applications.
The Workshop offered an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in servo-valves, oil filtration & cooling, accumulators and digital control systems.

In addition there were presentations explaining how to calculate optimum oil flow requirements for dynamic testing applications and an overview outlining the challenges associated with operating a large commercial structural testing laboratory.

The event provided a setting where delegates and specialists from research and development, materials testing and quality assurance could meet and exchange information relating to this specialist field.

To complement the technical presentations, there was also be an opportunity to tour the Star Hydraulics Ltd manufacturing facility, to participate in practical demonstrations of the latest digital control systems and to discuss questions with industry specialists relating to oil filtration, oil cooling options, accumulator best practices and electro-hydraulic servo-valves


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