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Why modernise older generation testing machines? 

Why modernise older generation testing machines?

There are several reasons for modernising older generation testing machines:

  • Obsolete testing software
  • Operating system is no longer supported, e.g. Windows XP
  • Measurement and control electronics are no longer supported
  • Changing testing situations or applications
  • Improvements in operational safety and reliability
  • Long downtime and waiting periods for replacements of obsolete electronic components

Modernisation based on innovative Zwick components means: 

  • Reliable service and support for the entire testing system for a minimum of 10 years
  • Compatibility with current Windows operating systems 
  • Use of intelligent and reliable testing software via testXpert II or testXpert Research
  • High-precision measurement and control electronics via testControl II or Control Cube
  • Continued use of virtually all existing accessories
  • Expansion of accessories from our comprehensive portfolio
  • Full compatibility with comparable new machines 
  • Upgradeability — Your machine is equipped for future developments
  • Improved safety components
  • Painting and refurbishing of the load frame for modernisations at Zwick's headquarters in Ulm
  • Over 20 years' experience in modernising materials testing machines
  • Warranty for newly installed components, as with new machines
  • Renewed long-term service and support
  • Rapid assistance via Hotline and in the event of repairs
  • testControl II measurement and control electronics satisfy the most demanding safety requirements
  • Enables validation of the testing machine in accordance with the latest quality standards
  • Intelligent testXpert II testing software employed
  • Re-use of expensive components such as extensometers and specimen grips
  • Existing load cells converted and re-calibrated

Contact us now for further details regarding how we can give your testing machine a new lease of life. We can also offer modernisation packages for non-Zwick machines.