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New Drop Weight Testers from Zwick address all applications in Plastics and Composites

New Drop Weight Testers from Zwick address all applications in Plastics and Composites

Zwick Roell has long stood for high levels of quality when it comes to impact testing.  We have been delivering pendulum impact testers that feature unique capabilities and offer the highest levels of accuracy for impact testing of metals and plastics for years.  We recently introduced a new line of drop weight testers that completes our portfolio of impact testing systems for every application in plastics and composites.  The Amsler HIT systems feature an energy range of a few joules up to 100,000 joules, supporting tests on specimens as well as components.

Each Amsler HIT drop weight tester has been designed with ergonomics and efficiency of operation in mind.  All drop weight testers run on our testXpert III software.  The Amsler HIT 230F and HIT600F also feature an automatic series mode that allows testing without operator intervention between individual specimens.

Amsler HIT230F – The small impact tester for puncture tests and CAI tests

With a maximum impact velocity of 4.4 m/s and drop weights between 2 and 23 kg, this impact tester is optimal for puncture tests to ISO 6603-2 and CAI pre-damaging to a variety of standards. It is particularly outstanding because the test area is easily accessible, test series can be performed rapidly, and tempered test plates can be inserted directly. When it comes to efficiency and ergonomics, this impact tester can't be beaten.

Amsler HIT600F – The universal impact tester for materials testing

Testing at low impact speeds of 2.2 m/s requires a large drop weight. If tests are performed at 6.6 m/s, acceleration is required. This drop weight tester covers both requirements, making it the perfect testing instrument for the requirements of many specification standards in the automotive industry. Just like the HIT230F, the HIT600F's feeding and safety concept is optimized for ergonomic use and safety. Simply insert pre-tempered test plates and the machine will impact them in less than 5 seconds, making a temperature chamber unnecessary for many puncture tests. This impact tester can also perform CAI, Charpy, and Izod tests.

Amsler HIT1100F – One instrument for both materials and component testing

Component testing can often be a challenge for an impact tester. This impact tester is equipped with a T-slot plate for easy arrangement of the tooling. If the test is performed at high or low temperatures, the entire test setup must be housed in a temperature chamber. The Amsler HIT1100F is ideal for this type of testing and, thanks to tooling designed for this purpose, can be used for a wide variety of standardised tests in materials testing.

Amsler HIT2000F – Higher capacity and support for materials and component testing

This impact tester is similar to the Amsler HIT1100F but has a greater impact height and higher impact energy.  

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