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Flexible Testing up to 2,500 kN

Flexible Testing up to 2,500 kN

High capacity testing requires a robust and comprehensively equipped test machine, especially when the material being tested is not a standard sample. Zwick Roell’s range of high capacity machines are engineered to withstand the significant forces a load frame will experience, while still being simple and safe to operate. Whether the requirements are tensile, compression, flexure, or component testing, Zwick Roell has the experience to ensure reliable, repeatable, accurate, and traceable results.  

Zwick Roell’s high capacity machines are available in a variety of frame sizes and capacities, up to 2,500kN. The product portfolio includes 29 different load frames with varying capacities and widths. Customisation also extends to tooling and accessories with a wide selection of grips, jaw inserts, and extensometers.

Maintenance and longevity of such a system are critical when considering a large finanncial investment. Zwick Roell applies the same quality and engineering of standard products to their range of electromechanical high capacity machines. These robust testing systems feature four hard chromed guide-columns which provide stability, guidance and a high level of stiffness. This increased stiffness increases the longevity of the frame and return on investment. All machines are equipped with the latest technology, including maintenance free digitally controlled AC drive technology.

A Zwick Roell high capacity electromechanical machine provides reliable test results while offering significant technical and commercial advantages over comparative hydraulic machines. The advantages of electromechanical machines include:

  • No oil requirement
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • No required cooling
  • Less noise pollution
  • Better positioning accuracy
  • Highest standard safety precautions
  • Ergonomic and modular design

Zwick Roell products include features that are convenient to use and ensure repeatable, accurate results. Features like the System Configuration Builder, centering stops, predefined test programs, or automatic attachment of extensometer sensor arms combine to ensure the results are both accurate and repeatable. These features improve efficiency, increase ease of use, and lower training and maintenance costs.  

All Zwick Roell testing machines and instruments utilise testXpert software. The latest generation, testXpert III, is simple to use, yet a robust and comprehensive testing software. Features like user management limits users to only the testing tasks relevant to their job, ensuring data accuracy and machine safety. From accessories and software to the load frame, Zwick Roell has the technology and quality to provide a high capacity testing system that suits any requirement.