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Delegates receive guidance relating to best practice in sample preparation & hardness testing

test sample preparation and hardness testing seminar

Over 50 delegates attended a recent test sample preparation and hardness testing seminar which was organised by Zwick Roell Indentec in collaboration with Kemet International Ltd and Metkon.

Zwick Roell Indentec offers an extensive portfolio of UK manufactured hardness testing equipment whilst Kemet Ltd, in association with Metkon,  supports  industry through their wide range of metallography, metallurgy, spectroscopic and geological sample preparation machines.

The event comprised a mix technical presentations and practical demonstrations covering best practice and provided advice relating to optimum test sample preparation and selection of appropriate hardness testing methods along with pitfalls to be avoided.

Kemet International Ltd & Metkon were on hand to explain and demonstrate how to section a test sample, followed by mounting, grinding and finally polishing to render the sample suitable for examination under a microscope or to accommodate a hardness test.

Zwick Roell Indentec provided helpful guidance relating to criteria which needed to be considered when assessing the most appropriate hardness test methods for a range of test samples and materials. The theoretical presentations were reinforced with practical sessions which provided delegates with an opportunity for ‘hands-on’ experience of a range of hardness testing products.

Mark Deven, UK Calibrations Ltd, provided a presentation covering the history of hardness testing machine certification and explained the subtle differences between test machine verification and calibration and the part each plays in ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of the testing equipment in the laboratory or workplace.

Delegate feedback from the event was extremely positive and it is intended to arrange further seminars covering similar topics.