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Composites – one testing machine for 115 test standards

Fiber-reinforced composites provide high strength and stiffness combined with low weight. They consist of thin fibers which are either directionally or randomly oriented and therefore require different forms of materials testing according to the main fiber direction. Zwick has an extremely efficient modular solution which covers 21 different types of test and some 115 standards over a wide temperature range, using a single testing machine.

The properties of fiber-reinforced composites are strongly dependent on the alignment of the fibers, the fiber and matrix material and the fiber-matrix interface. Materials testing must therefore employ a variety of tests in order to characterize all properties. These tests are described in international standards (ISO), in national and regional standards (ASTM, EN, DIN) and in companies’ own standards (Airbus AITM, Boeing BSS).

 In order to satisfy the varying requirements, companies and testing laboratories previously had to use a number of testing machine arrangements, some of which were very complex. Zwick’s highly efficient modular solution for test loads up to 100 and 250kN is based on a development of its Allround Line testing machine. A single testing machine covers 21 different types of test, which represents some 115 standards. A temperature chamber enables testing in a temperature range from -70 to +250.

This means that some highly complex tests can be performed with the new testing machine in addition to the usual tensile, compression flexure and shear tests. Tests covered by the new solution range from determining interlaminar shear strength (ILSS) to V-notched shear tests to lap-shear tests. Also included are tests for fracture toughness and a static compression test to measure residual strength following targeted pre-damaging of a specimen (Compression After Impact).

Shear-loaded and combined loading compression tests can be performed using the HCCF test fixture, which can also be integrated into the system. Accurate clamping guides combined with excellent axial jaw alignment enable valid fracture types to be achieved, even at higher loads.
The HCCF is also suitable for open-hole and filled-hole compression tests (OHC, FHC) to Airbus standard AITM 1.0008.

The Zwick Allround Line is the ideal solution when it comes to covering a multitude of different types of test on fiber-reinforced composites using just one machine.

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