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Are you are looking for a UK/Ireland based supplier of materials or component testing machines?

Then look no further for expert advice which can help you make an informed decision regarding your next testing machine purchase. We can assist you in making the optimum equipment choice and help you avoid making costly mistakes. You can use the services of experienced and expert staff working across a wide range of materials testing applications and disciplines including:

  • Universal testing machines
  • Dynamic testing machines
  • Hardness testing machines
  • Pendulum impact testing machines
  • Creep testing machines
  • Torsion test machines
  • Electro-magnetic Vibrophore machines
  • High-rate test machines
  • Test machine & test rigs modernisation packages
  • Robotic testing systems
  • Contacting & non-contacting extensometry
  • Comprehensive range of specimen grips & testing software
  • UKAS accredited machine calibration

All products are supported from installation through maintenance and calibration, by Zwick Roell factory trained and widely experienced Service Engineers.

Contact us now at: to enable us to advise you regarding your next test machine purchase or service requirement. We look forward to hearing from you and to being of assistance.

Corporate News

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